We have developed TEgenesis, a patented breeding method, that accelerates natural adaptation processes in plants. These adaptation processes can be triggered by biotic and abiotic stresses, specific molecules (e.g. secondary metabolites) and other stimuli. These means that these responses of the plant can directly be used by our breeding method to improve your crops and plants.

Our breeding method takes advantage of endogenous epigenetic processes and how plants learn to cope with stresses. TEgenesis works on virtually any plant species and propagation methods (through seeds or clonal multiplication).

But how does TEgenesis actually work? Already for a long time, transposable elements (TEs) have contributed to numerous important traits in crop breeding: These include fruit and legume colour variations, stress tolerance, pathogen resistance and many others. However, until recently it was challenging to mobilise TEs in a controlled manner without setting up labour-intensive tissue cultures. This is where our innovative TEgenesis method comes in by now allowing TE mobilisation in seedlings or young clones without the need of cell culture (this method has been published and patented: PCT/EP2016/079276). Because TEs promote the adaptation of plants to novel environmental conditions, at a high frequency they will contribute to improved stress tolerance and to other challenges.

The novel traits obtained by TEgenesis method are stably inherited and can rapidly improve your elite variety without the need of lengthy backcrossing.

Did we make you curious about TEgenesis and its potential for your breeding goals? 

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