Important information (3.3.2021): Due to the current legal uncertainties concerning all novel and innovative crop breeding methods (including our patented TEgenesis approach) in Europe and Switzerland, epibreed AG had to put on hold all active lab operations.

This is very unfortunate as it also resulted in the stopping of highly promising projects with our partners but also lead to the cancelling of open source projects that could have helped support farmers in third world countries and protect European forests from climate change.

We hope that the situation gets clarified as soon as possible. Meanwhile we can still assist you if you are interested in developing projects with us!

Our team at epibreed is specialised in accelerating your breeding efforts to obtain novel stress-tolerant varieties, increase and modify the production of secondary metabolites and improve other traits of your favourite plants. Thanks to our patented TEgenesis method that allows plants to naturally adapt to stresses, we can quickly improve your lead variety without the need of crossing or transformation.

Thanks to TEgenesis, your new variety can reach marked within two years only!

If you are interested, our specialists are ready to answer your requests here:

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